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Dont' use D&D Moving and Storage, College Station, TX, Used D&D Moving and Storage, College Station, TX for a move from house to storage (10 miles) and back while floors were being replaced after a water line break. The company did more damage to property then previous moves of the same property from Germany to Japan to College Station (16,000+ miles).

Owners/managers condescending and are too busy to supervise their employees properly. Their insurance company is even worse. The D&D employees tell you that you have 90 days to file a damage claim but their insurance company does not honor any damage claims that are not noted at time of delivery. This is not in line with the industry standard of 90 days.

The company employees ridicule the D&D Moving and Storage packing team calling it the "A Team" of old television fame; known for destroying things and ignoring authority. The company ties itself to the Aggie Business Code but their actions just drag down those companies that actually adhere to that code.

Bad move, worse insurance, minimal to no employee supervision or accountability. Would not recommend this company to move trash to the dump.

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Nelson, Nebraska, United States #383109

In researching the above review, it has turned out that this is one of D&D Moving's competitors writting false reviews about D&D Moving and Storage, Inc. The comments that are made in this review are unwarrented as well as untrue.

If this was a real customer, they would of been taken care of. D&D Moving is on it's 11 year of business.

Their success is not because they don't take care of their customers. I wish that other moving companies would work as hard as D&D Moving has and still does to build up their business instead of posting false information to decieve consumers.

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