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About 2 months ago we used D & D Moving for our residential move - they were very $$$$; however you usually get what you pay for, except, not in this case. D & D was provided with a complete list of furniture that was going to be moved along with an estimated number of boxes; at which point we were notified that they charge $350 for any size flat-screen tv - we actually decided to move the tv ourselves, and not pay the extra fee....After nearly 10 hours of moving from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom home (way too long) the "head" mover broken a spindle in our staircase and they had mishandled our furniture and scratched our walls - little to say, after a long day, we didn't need this to happen, especially to a brand-new home!

The "head" mover was also pissed at me because I made him write on the invoice that they caused damages, because I knew it would be an issue later on - and of course, it was. I first contacted D & D moving via email, as I had in the past to schedule the move, to let them know of the damages, and after numerous (nearly 25+ emails) and with no prevail, it's 2 months after the fact, and they still won't take responsibility for the damages caused by their movers. I find it appalling that businesses act like this, and think they are going to get away with treating a first-time home owner with such disrespect and neglegance. I have filed with the BBB against them regarding their lack of response to the damages, and had also given them a date to which things needed to be settled, and again, with no response from D & D Moving, we will be filing a small claim against them seeking not only our fees for the damages, but our court and attorney fees as well.

While the amount for the damages to be repaired is approximately $272.00, and not a large amount (considering we paid over $1000.00 to move) it comes down to principle and how businesses who are supposed to be providing a service should guarantee their service and workers providing the service.

Monetary Loss: $272.

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I checked on my items and the guy Dave seen my number and changed his voice saying this is Dan well so waited and called from different number and Deb answere so asked for Dan she said nobody here named that.This people lie so much and you will not get your items back from this company


Well another new story from D & D moving after saying my china cabinet was finised now after 6 motnhs waiting for glue to dry now there saying there sending it to be fixed .so many lies these 2 pople can tell.I am filing suit by next few weeks when am off.These people are cons


Hi the person which wrote before about D &D I would appreciate if you can email me at want to know complete details about filing civil suit.I have large plastic container that had nothing but fenton glass and they also stolen that.I have very large loss beside the broken pieces.

Thanks so much



D & D moving charged my fiance 12,000 for move from kentucky to newyork there and back.They also kept and stolen most of my belongings and they chipped a very expesive china cabinet and wouldnt fix it but not only that they kept it.I will be filing civil suit this week or next week.I promise it will be big mistake if you use them and you will not see alot of your itmes.When I call to check on my china cabinet the first story was they needed the chip to fix it.the second story was the furniture restoration had it and they waiting for the glue to dry.they when I ask for there number they said they didnt know it.well another story was they all of sudden need the piece again after aying they were waitng for it to be glued.Beware!!!!!!

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